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20 years of trial-and-error led to a fitness training breakthrough that transformed Kall Hall into a world-class fitness athlete. 

Today, he works with all kinds of people – from beginners to bodybuilders and professional athletes to get visible results faster than anyone thinks possible. 

Now you too can train with the Milwaukee fitness trainer who learned from the best: Brian Shaw, eight time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, the “Incredible Hulk” Lou Ferrigno, and other top trainers and athletes.

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"There are a lot of personal trainers in Milwaukee, only one Karl Hall."

"Stronger and More Confident at 39"

At 39 years old, I feel like an athlete for the first time in my adult life, and that newfound confidence has a lot to do with Karl. In the past, other personal trainers often underestimated me, and I grew tired of bikini body workout routines designed for women my age.

Working alone, I had hit a plateau and stopped progressing. However, Karl found new ways to challenge me. I’ve gained a new attitude about my body, as well as tremendous strength.

Karl is a coach, not just a personal trainer. If you want to make progress toward serious athletic goals and you aren’t afraid to push your limits, he is the best.

– Nicole, Milwaukee, WI

"People notice the difference"

As a former coach for alpine ski race teams, I can recognize good athletic training. Karl effectively trains and coaches powerlifters, bodybuilders and other athletes looking to improve their fitness level. 

I began with Karl after a long hiatus from exercise, when I found it difficult to return to the gym without injury. Karl helped me through the difficult phase of starting over with physical activity. With the good form and technique that he taught me, I now feel confident training again. 

My body shape has changed, I am stronger, and people notice the difference. Thanks Karl!

– John

"260 to 170 in 9 mos, diabetes under control"

In 2008, I was 260 lb with uncontrolled diabetes and in a bad place in life. That's when my sister said let's go to the gym just for an hour a day. She knew of a gym so when went for the first two weeks it was going but not well. 

We did not know what exactly when needed to do to lose waight. That's when we met Karl. He was traning a few people there and told us how he could help build us a plan and routine that would work for us. 

We began. It was hard at first but anything we could not do he would fine a similar work out more suited for me.

In 9 months I went from 260lb to 170lb and toned. I even got into weight lifting competitions. With his help I changed my whole life and went from 3 insulin shoots a day to two pills. Thank you so much Karl.

– Ileana, Milwaukee, WI

"Breakthrough after 30 yrs on my own"

I started training with Karl approx 2 months ago. I was reluctant to try personal training as I have been working out for 30+ years and thought I knew everything. 

Well needless to say, it was the best decision I've made. I was able to make vast improvements in strength and fat loss

Karl had me doing some routines and exercises I would never of thought of to accomplish my goals.  I have no doubt I will reach and go beyond my goals working with Karl.

Whatever your goals are, I would highly recommend Karl. A+ personal trainer in my book!!!

– Pete, Milwaukee, WI

"265 to 345 benchpress in 2 mos" 

I trained with Karl Hall towards a bodybuilding goal for two months to get “back in the game.” I have a nutrition and lifting background, but after working for 60 to 80 hours per week for a period of year I was out of shape and motivation. 

Starting weight 210lbs, squat 315lbs, deadlift 275lbs, benchpress 265lbs. After our training sessions I weighed 216, squatted 395, deadlifted 385, and benched 345. 

For anyone with powerlifting or bodybuilding interests who is looking to learn something new or get back in the game I would recommend Karl for his patience, understanding, and focus on his client’s goals.

– Corey, Milwaukee, WI

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